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How can I create an account?

You must be a citizen or pamanent residents of the theses countries to open and account with Us: United States, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and the United Arab Emirates, We are continually expanding to other countries, subscribe to our news letter to get regular updates of our expansions

How can I cancel/pause my subscription?

You can pause your account but to cancel you need to withraw all your funds to zero balance in other to clode your account, Note, if you close your account you won't be accepted on our platform again

I have resident permit in the EU, can I register an account?

You can not, but we are expanding to EU Zones soon

I submitted my verification and it was not approved what should I do?

We always provide reasons and why we reject some verification process, Please contact us with your case number

I made a transaction, it's showing pending for the past 24 hours what should I do next?

Each transactions get approved within 6 hours maximum during working days, if your transaction or withdraw request is pending, it means yoy need to provide purpose of transaction, contact us or cancel the request and make a new one with purpose of transfer stated clearly

My account manager asked me to trade bitcoin for gold, I am afraid what should I do?

Because of your financial investment, your manager may advise on based on the market trends, so as to make profit but not loss.. If you are not sure, you could cancel the accept button

My POS is not working during the weekends with AMEX credit cards?

You need to reboot and use this code to save the current exchange rates for the weekends 000#990290#

What access do I have on a free trade trial?

We don't offer free trade

I have some money sent to my acount, can you activate my account from the balance?

No, due to the international regulation each account must be controlled by the account owner..

I can pay the verification fee, may I reverse amount in my balance?

Yes, the money in your balance can be reversed,But it can be sent to the same account or payment methode that the sender used. Please, contact us if you wish to reverse a payment

I can get any help here, what shoudl I do?

Use the contact us below to send us an email or use accounts@Crypto Forex Traders.com, Please specify the last 4 digit of your accounts when writing us.


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